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♚casua ; a muse of imperfection.
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19th-Jun-2008 05:06 pm - AFFILIATES
I'm more than willing to affiliate with other graphic, writing, muse, etc. journals and communities. Just leave me a comment to this post and I'll add you to my list of affiliates. :)
19th-Jun-2008 02:53 pm - Harry Potter Graphics; 003.
Last batch, I swear XD

[10] HP Icons
From Various HP Movies

[01] Banner/Header
Sibyll Trelawney


have you given too much away?Collapse )
19th-Jun-2008 02:49 pm - Harry Potter Graphics; 002.
blood elf
[20] Harry Potter Icons
HP Actors

[04] Banners/Headers
Robert Pattinson
Emma Watson


under the cutCollapse )
19th-Jun-2008 01:55 pm - HARRY POTTER GRAPHICS; 001.
ed squee
As it is, I've made many HP related graphics over the year. Its probably the only graphics I make anymore ;) I figured this would be as good of a place as any to repost them. Some of these are relatively old so please excuse the crappiness.

[38] Various Harry Potter Icons
[06] Headers/Banners

Sirius Black/Gary Oldman
Robert Pattinson
Helena Bonham Carter
[01] Wallpaper
Emma Watson


I'd like to show you all the world I've seen.Collapse )
19th-Jun-2008 01:51 pm - HARRY POTTER - #38: RAW
ed hohoho

Title: Raw
Author: darkclockwork
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Prompt: #038: Raw
Word Count: 355
Rating: PG-13
Prompt Table Here.

Summary: Hermione reflects on how he makes her feel.

Warnings: This is completely for my own entertainment and I don't accept refunds.
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.

RAWCollapse )
19th-Jun-2008 01:47 pm - HARRY POTTER CLAIM
Claimed: Harry Potter
Subject: Hermione/Draco
Last Updated: 06/19/2008
Complete: 1/50

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5th-Jun-2008 12:10 am - TEKKEN CLAIM
Claimed: Tekken
Subject: Hwoarang/Julia
Last Updated: 06/15/07
Complete: 7/50

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